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Digitalize to improve services and ensure to reach e-governance solution

Business Automation Ltd. promises to give ease of people life, simplify the delay time managed by software and hardware mutual operations for cloud and on-premises environments. We made Artificial Intelligence an integral part of the digital transformation.

Our IT resources focus on tasks that move your business forward, simplify manage your business, and mapping your business goals through the technology. IT empower services of BA System faithfully involved to use of information technologies for public administration activities and deliver e-government solutions into different services of the government.

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Our Products

monitoring. simplify

An ultimate business solution that turns your data into decisions

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Ensures interoperable online service delivery

The One Stop Service Platform (OSSP) is an interoperable one stop service delivery platform with pow

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Infuse technology into every customer engagement

Customer relationship management (CRM) is an approach to managing a company's interaction with curre

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Mobilizing operation

Enterprise Business Solution (EBS) has been designed to cater the mobilize the entire organization i

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Our Problem Solving Solutions

approach to managing company's interaction

Business Automation Ltd., approach to managing organization's interaction with present and potential customers. We usage data analysis about customers' history of a company to improve business relationships with customers.

We make sure to use the precise technology for various problem solution, accelerate business processes by creation more flexible different business tasks such as digitalize system, ease communication, securing business data, customer flow management, improving customer care and much more.


Projects Reference

Our Digital Devices

we digitize human experiences by Queue-Pro

We working with digital queue management solution started on the theme as Made In Bangladesh.

Business Automation introducing with different digital devices include various components to achieve optimal queue management, both hardware, and software. Our Hardware components consist of the Queue-Pro, Queue Showcase, Token Issuer, Counter Display, and Announcement System. Software components included in this system are the Soft Keypad, Central Dashboard, Admin and Reporting Panel. Also, additional components; such as Web and SMS Tokens are available on this System.



Obtaining as e-government solution for the inter-ministry of government and different project of the government...

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Customer management solution in various branch of bank and financial organization that can enjoy delay free services, queue

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Ensure customer management by auto-generated token q-system for sim purchase, replace, self-service solution.

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Ensure the vast improvement in health sector, make deliver e-health solution as dashboard, e-tocken for patients.

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Our services and solutions are not limited to the industry. We also provide customized solutions as per as your industry need.

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